Carnica Queens
A few words about myself.
My name is Mikalay Khalenkow. I am a medical doctor with years of professional practice. I have started beekeeping as a hobby, and in the course of years it has gradually turned into my main job. So I have stopped the medical practice and became a professional beekeeper. By now, I am doing this for more than 10 years.
I have spend the last years doing research projects on beekeeping and queens
breeding for Ghent University working with prof. Dirk De Graaf, Selection group
VVBC with prof. Oktaav Van Laere and various projects for Belgian Royal Flemish Society of Beekeepers (KONVIP).
I am a permanent member of European bee queens breeder group and a participant of selection program BLUP which aims to breed varoa-resistant bees.
I provide the training courses for beekeepers from EU and Ucraine, where I teach selection and artificial insemination methods of bee queens breeding.
With great pleasure I also participate in humanitarian programs where I teach the beekeepers from Africa and Asia the modern methods of beekeeping.
I am a recognized breeder, and artificial insemination specialist of the BLUP selection system (id. number 57-905-9900).