Carnica Queens

The success of fertilization of all bee queens, both in the nucleus and on the large frame, is
manually controlled.
If you want to buy partially or not controlled queens, please contact us by email:
All queens are supplied with personal passports according to BLUP selection system.
Passport contains the following information:  maternal and paternal family, the method of
breeding end  insemination, individual Queen identification number, individual queen breeder
number, geographical location of the place of breeding end insemination, and other
information according to norms and rules of European selection system( BLUP)
Maternal and paternal(drone) families are taken from best breeding families of  German
institutes of beekeeping or from leading Belgian, German, Dutch and Austrian individual
breeders (Only from breeders who are recognized in the  BLUP system).
All maternal and paternal families has the Certificates, which allow using them for reproduction
and selection.  
Upon request  it is possible to receive the information about morphology  as well as information
about epidemiological control on presence of the following infections: American foulbrood,
Nosema and Viral infections.
Shipping information.
Inside the borders of EU:
All queens are delivered by the post. The delivery time is 1-5 calendar days. The
costs of delivery: 1.17-8.70 euro.
Outside the borders of EU( Canada, the USA, China...):
The delivery time is 7-13 days. The costs of delivery: 1.17-13.07 euro.
Outside the borders of EU( Russia,Ukraine,Belorussia):
The possibility of delivery to the countries of formal Soviet union which are not the
members of EU( Russia, Ukraine, etc) must be discussed individually for each order.
Please contact us by the email:
Random mated bee queens, island mated bee queen, and artificially inseminated
bee queens are send inside special transport containers, which contain the support
bees(min 8 per container) and  supply of food and water.
For Selected breeders Queens- two delivery options exists:
1. simple package: delivery is achieved by the post Queens are send inside transport
containers with support bees(min 8 per container) and  supply of food and water.
2. special package: delivery is achieved by the post. Queens are send inside mini-
nucleuses with support bees( 100-500 per mini-nucleus) and  supply of food and
The transportation costs are calculated individually for each client depending on
country where the queens must be delivered.
The customer has the right to propose the other method of delivery ( for example
you can come personally to us and pickup your order). In this case the costumer is
fully responsible for success of delivery.If the bee queen was not picked up by the
customer during 7 calendar days( 14 days for special packages), and this is the
customer fault, then the queen will be destroyed, the order will be canceled, and no
refund will be possible.
We are not responsible for queen death because of the fault done by the Post.
If queen death has happened because of our fault we will offer full refund.
If you would like to order more then 20 Queens bees  in total, please contact us by
to discuss the possibility of such order, delivery time and costs( special price and

Books, video, instruments, drons sperm and other materials
can be delivered in all countries of EU.
We can’t guarantee the safe delivery of your order to the countries outside of EU.

Custom fees, taxes and other chargers required by the laws of destination
country are not included in the price of the order. Paying them and following the
necessary custom procedure according to the laws of destination country is the
responsibility of the customer.
Please inform us about the necessary certificates and documents required by
transport regulations of your country. We will supply all the necessary  documents in
compliance with regulations of your country.